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Judith Gwinn Adrian

Judy holds a Ph.D. in adult learning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then a BA and an MA in English (Luther College and Winona State University). In recent years, she worked at Madison College and then taught at Edgewood College, both in Madison, WI until retirement in August 2018.

Nancer the Dancer: Myositis and Me

Nancy believed that there are many ways to be crippled and some of them are physical. She focused her energy on “attitude.”

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Tera’s Tale

Through her fiercely independent, yet childlike eyes, Tera allows us to enter the recesses of her guarded world. Her Aussie sister, Beth, walks with us, compassionately guiding and explaining.

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In Warm Blood

Stories of privilege and prison, hurt and heart: epistolary accounts of two people raised in the parallel universes of southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

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Because I Am Jackie Millar

How would you react, awakening from the shadowy space of a drug-induced coma, to find your life was forever changed because you had been the victim of a crime over which you had no control? Vengeful? Hate-filled? Forgiving? This is the story of Jackie Millar’s awakening and choices.

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An exhibition of paintings by DarRen Morris August 20th – September 5th Popup Art Gallery 5606 Schroeder Road Madison, WI Opening 5-7pm, Friday August 20th.

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