Nancer the Dancer

  • Cover Art: DarRen Morris
  • Cover Design: Carolina Gwinn
  • Print Date: Coming 2020

This is Nancy’s life story: Nancer the Dancer.
She will always be my sister.

It is the twelfth year since her death, yet she continues to link us all — family and friends. She remains our center, our ray of light.

As with all writings about the past, this biography likely holds some embellishments, but only as they clarify Nancy’s sparkle.

She was magic. She was love. She was wisdom. These life-essentials supported her through a joyful and spirited youth in the Summers of Love and then into the sweep of a twenty-year passage through polymyositis – the autoimmune, muscle-degenerative disease that sought to break her spirit. It eventually took her life, too soon.

I gather her story here, mostly in her words, but always in her spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson caught her eye early and she toasted him through inked markings and folded corners. Even before she was aware, she highlighted, “The Past will not sleep. It works still. With every new fact a ray of light shoots up from the long-buried years.”

“Let’s get one thing straight – if I never go anywhere or do anything else again in my life, I suspect I’ve had one of the best times of anyone I know. It’s been mostly fun and I’ve had entertaining company. I got to cherish the fat arms of the babies, the silly laughter between friends, spontaneity, respect, comfy laps and the touch of his hand.” – Nancy