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Tera's Tale

Tera’s Tale: Rebel on the River — A life story of love, rats, cancer, hoarding, and, did I mention love? 

  • Category: Biography/mental illness
  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Henschel Haus Publishing, Inc. (February 1, 2019)
  • ISBN-10: 1595986758

Through her fiercely independent, yet childlike eyes, Tera allows us to enter the recesses of her guarded world, a place of secrets, shame and expanding mental illness. As she moves from collector to hoarder, we learn about her only authentic wish…to live the ordinary American dream. It would never be.

March 2019 Finalist, Eric Hoffer/Montaigne Metal.                    

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 All of us have encountered “characters” in our lives, unusual, quirky people who cast a spell on us. The Tera of Judith Gwinn Adrian’s Tera’s Tale is one of those eccentrics. But rarely have they been treated so warmly and lovingly which is the genius of what Ms. Adrian has done. Warts and all – and lord knows there are plenty of them – Tera is treated with love and respect by the author. And now, thanks to Ms. Adrian, we can love and respect Tera too.
Doug Bradley

You were a true friend to her and her gift to you is to help others understand this disorder with a kind heart.
Tara Cronin

In my world, we call Judy rabbi, teacher, one gifted in the ancient arts of storytelling, a healer. Tera’s Tale is a parable, a teaching story, truth amidst paradox, vulnerability amidst strength, love amidst suffering. The healing comes within the story we find ourselves in… another word from my world…  Tera’s tale is a blessing…
Rev. Dr. Larry Engel

The luck of the draw provides our DNA. Then a continuum of circumstances and events shape the tale of our lives. Author Judy Gwinn Adrian pulls us into Tera’s Tale with laughter, then uncovers layers of a life we wish had more laughs in it. We learn from Tera and she shapes our own tale a bit.
Bill Harriot

Tera’s Tale takes readers on an emotional roller coaster ride. Judith Adrian literally opens the door to Tera’s world and all the complexities of a life uniquely lived. Prepare for this ride by opening your minds and your hearts. No room for baggage or tagalongs such as judgment or bias. When you’re prepared, buckle up and take the fascinating ride.  
Donna Hart-Tervalon

There are stories so powerful that they launch us into compelling new worlds. Judith Adrian has once again found such a story, writing it with caring and deep insight. Tera’s complexity gives us much to think about.  She is so real. Carol Lobes Judy Adrian has written another brilliant book! She wades into situations most people turn away from, then reverently excavates the human story. Tera’s Tale is a penetrating look into a person “on the fringe”. Through Adrian’s compassionate lens we are all offered the opportunity to look at “other” and to rethink our assumptions about the human condition. Sue Sadowske, Ph.D