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Art Toast Live: Interview with Philip Salamone & Judith Adrian


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For this month’s Art Toast, artist Philip Salamone and author, Judith Adrian, will discuss the artwork of incarcerated artist DarRen Morris, currently serving life in prison. Morris was sentenced to life without parole at seventeen years old. Several of Morris’ paintings are currently on display and for sale at Marzen, Fine Art Showroom of Integrated Art Group through April 4th. All proceeds from the sale of Morris’ work will go directly to Just Dane.
Morris states:
“I am an artist. I paint and donate my works of art. In the years to come I want to create art that will help save youth from making thoughtless choices. I also want to create art that will help you on the outside understand what we face on the inside—the very real need for prison reform in Wisconsin and elsewhere and the very real need to involve more people in working toward prisoner rehabilitation rather than punishment.”
Learn more about Morris’ story at:
About Judith Gwinn Adrian:
I retired from 25 years of teaching at Edgewood College in 2018. My energies continue to focus on prison reform, restorative justice, and now co-writing memoirs. I am proud to have four published biographical books: Because I Am Jackie Millar; In Warm Blood: Prison & Privilege, Hurt & Heart (co-authored with DarRen Morris); Tera’s Tale: Rebel on the River, and Nancer the Dancer: Myositis and Me (2020).
About Philip Salamone:
Philip Salamone is a Madison-based artist and owner of Atwood Atelier where he offers workshops, classes, and open studios. Salamone is a friend of Morris and recreated one of his original paintings as a mural on the corner of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in June 2020.
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This event is part of the exhibition FROM HERE ON OUT, celebrating Black Lives & Black Artists.
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