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walking the line

Walking the Line: There is No Time for Hate

  • Co-Authors: By Joshua William Clauer and Judith Gwinn Adrian
  • Category: Coming of Age/Social Work/Memoir
  • Paperback: 197 pages
  • Publisher: HenschelHAUS Publishing, Inc. (February, 2022)
  • ISBN: 978-1-59598-878-2
  • Paintings: DarRen Morris, Green Bay, WI


Joshua Clauer is a beloved man.

He has been a prison guard, parole officer, and volunteer working with formerly incarcerated men, helping them leave prison with a support system, Joshua then decided to work with young teens of color encouraging them to make positive life choices. His work has been in gang intervention programs.

Joshua is fierce in what and who he loves. He is uncompromising in walking the line in today’s complex, scrappy world. He has no time for hate.

“I wrote this book so that you [today’s youth] can be understood and can be motivated to be great. I did this by opening up my life for you, my saddest days and the best days ever. Throughout my career I have challenged many to write a story about themselves as a tool to help see how far they have come and how they beat adversity that many of us couldn’t dream of facing. A great deal of the time they would quit after a few weeks. Not because they are quitters, but because it is extremely hard to write about yourself. It’s fair to say I was challenged by each of you to write a book about myself and hold nothing back! This book opens up about my struggles and love for each and every one of you who have shared my journey. I hope this writing encourages you to tell your story because everyone has one and they are all unique. The book tells you what I think about when I’m alone, my deepest darkest hours and the best days ever…”

When the book was nearly complete, advanced-stage cancer entered Joshua’s life. His treasured family and friends have surrounded him and supported him as he fights this disease.

“Thank you all for showing your love as I fight this cancer! It is so
appreciated…I’m a rich man because of all of you!!!!”

Yes, a rich and beloved man making a significant difference in so many lives. Well played, Joshua. Well played.

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