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August 20, 1-4pm
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2101 Fisher St, Madison
WI 53713, Madison

A Purpose-Driven Life of Helping Others

My life has been a whirlwind journey, moving from one learning event to another. As a young child, I experienced fun and happiness. I remembered those feelings even as I moved through pain and suffering from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I experienced beatings, a foster home, quitting school, marriage at age 17, an unfaithful emotionally abusive husband, depression, counseling, divorce, and no friends or family to lean on.  I responded to the 1950’s societal expectations dictated for women.

The enormous pain I was living finally led me to self-growth classes/seminars, a return to school, a professional career, new friends, joyful times with my four beautiful daughters, a new wonderful husband, and most importantly, self-respect. The whirl wind continued but now I was in control of my own happiness and joy. I learned how to be the author of the rest of my life.  Available at